Information about honed concrete

Honed Concrete is a finish that we would recommend for outdoor areas such as driveways, footpaths, outdoor areas, porches and around pools etc. Honed concrete is only available in a matte finish and it has a penetrating sealer applied which protects the concrete and helps to prevent staining. Unlike a grind and seal, this sealer is absorbed into the concrete so it doesn’t remain on the surface. This makes the honed concrete a longer lasting option for outdoor areas as there is nothing to wear away or scratch over time.

Although you are not able to choose the gloss level, you are still able to choose your stone exposure level. If you are happy to see only a small/random amount of stone it is less expensive, but if you want full stone exposure we have to grind down further and it will cost more due to the increase in labour required. You can also add grout if you want a more refined surface.

For outdoor concrete areas the alternative we offer to honed concrete is a grind and seal. This option is popular for those who want a semi-gloss or a high gloss polished concrete look in an outdoor area. We can add a non-slip grit to the top coat to help make prevent slipping and all the products we use outdoors are UV stable coatings and will not yellow over time.