For new builds especially with MPC Ideally our works should commence at the start of the project to have a clean open surround just after the concrete substrate has cured after minimum of 23 days.

For cream/gray polishes it is crucial to commence work soon as concrete has cured to achieve desired finish. Make sure your builder and concreter know the outcome you are after and we can also talk with them to make sure you get your desired finish. Removal of fly ash and compensate with more cement is a must.

Burnished concrete slabs are mostly created from the concreter’s mechanical chopper. It burnishes the substrate while the concrete go’s off by flattening, hardening and contrasting the floor colour. When we come on to polish the surface are we are limited if low spots or blemishes occur as to keep the burnished affect we can don’t mechanically grind them out as it will scratch and cut into substrate. A trusted experienced concreter is advised.

Concrete can have different variations and blemishes in it, anywhere from the concrete plant to day of poor. It is not a machine manufactured process and different elements can change the chemicals in the concrete. We are here to help you every step of the way to make sure we both together can achieve your desired finish.

* All works carried out from start of mechanical grinding to finishing seal are restricted and limited to the quality of the concrete substrate. i.e (day of poor weather conditions, existing chemicals and sealer help membranes, concrete strength, concrete oxide, cracks, cancer, moisture retention, labour works and any other concrete substrate defects.